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by: Alex Lambeau Jun 27, 2022 The choice destination for your next summer getaway just might be the sandy beaches of Romania, where Neversea music festival will take place from July 7 – 10 in Constanta. The largest beach-side music festival in Europe, Neversea’s last rendition in 2019 attracted 240,000-plus festival-goers across its four days […]

by: Josh Stewart Aug 3, 2021 Serbia’s EXIT Festival made its much anticipated return in July, opening the gates of Novi Sad’s ancient Petrovaradin Fortress to 180,000 pent up yet jubilant concert-goers from around the world. The event didn’t just mark the Eastern European mainstay’s 20th anniversary—it was also the first major European festival since […]

Next year, Monegros Desert Festival wants you to do it in a plane—dance the night away, that is. For the Spanish event’s 2022 edition, organizers have purchased a retired Airbus A330 and converted the fuselage into a stage and dance floor. “We will transform it into a club for 1,000 people,” they announced this month […]