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The city of Chicago has offered a unique perk for music festival-goers fans as it enters its final reopening phase. Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine could punch your ticket to one of the nation’s most iconic music festivals. As the city enters its final reopening stage, Chicago’s health department has announced plans to give out 1,200 […]

As major cruise lines remained locked in a dispute with the state of Florida over the requirement of COVID-19 vaccination proof for passengers, Groove Cruise has announced that vaccination status will not be required to attend the event’s 2022 edition.  The news arrives after Royal Caribbean, the organization hosting Groove Cruise 2022, confirmed that none […]

Half of the UK’s nightlife businesses could shutter in two months time, according to a new survey conducted by the Night Time Industries Association. Ahead of a pivotal announcement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the UK government will delay its impending lift of COVID-19 restrictions, a survey conducted by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has […]

From watching someone empty out their Camelback at a security checkpoint to patiently awaiting a basket of chicken tenders from a food truck, it’s no secret that music festivals are waiting games. But for women, lengthy lines take on a whole new meaning when it comes to going to the bathroom. In fact, according to a […]

A new battleground is coming into focus in the ongoing clash between emerging tech companies and established music rights holders.  Roblox has been hit with a hefty nine-figure lawsuit filed on behalf of a large collective of music publishers. Plaintiffs in the suit include one of the largest independent music publishers, Downtown Music Publishing, as […]

Gareth Emery‘s guest list is officially closed. The dance music vet has taken to social media to blast those who requested free tickets to his new tour as music venues scramble to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of COVID-19. In an acerbic tweet shared today, Emery urged music fans to support their local […]

Music festivals are some of the most magical, exciting, and glamorous spaces in the world. For a few days, music fans can come together for an indelible experience. They can dance to their favorite music, make new friends, fall in love, and live their lives to the fullest. But what happens when the festival ends? After […]

The controversy surrounding Spotify’s divisive “Discovery Mode” has not subsided since the streaming giant announced the initiative in late 2020. The feature offers some artists and record labels a chance to boost the rankings of their music in the platform’s playlisting algorithm—a crucial tool for exposure—in exchange for a reduced royalty rate. Considering the notion […]

The crypto community is banding together to make DogeFest a reality after a cosign from billionaire Tesla owner Elon Musk. With three simple words, Elon Musk lit a fuse in the crypto community that could eventually lead to a Dogecoin-themed music festival: “Sounds kinda fun.” The comment came in response to a popular Dogecoin fan […]

A new distortion plugin that features sexually explicit anime imagery has the music production community divided.  The Nani production tool was developed by Los Angeles-based company WXAudio, who has called it “the first obscene anime distortion plugin.” It features six modes of distortion with drive and color controls and a depiction of a female hentai […]

The promise of dancing together is on the horizon—but the safety of festival-goers has never been more dubious. “Nightlife always survives.” “It survived the great depression, and it survived the AIDs pandemic in the 80s,” Joseph J. Palamar, Associate Professor in the Department of Population Health at New York University Langone Medical Center, tells EDM.com. “Nightlife will always […]

The Recording Academy announced a slew of rule changes to be implemented in 2022. Amid transformative times for the Grammy Awards, The Recording Academy has announced a slew of rule changes to be implemented in 2022. Following criticism of the organization’s controversial Nominations Review Committee, the metamorphosis of the Grammys took another step forward today […]

In a wide-ranging speech from the stage at Radio City Music Hall, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo explained that within the next month venues will begin operating at full capacity provided they request proof of vaccination from attendees.  IQ reports that on June 19th, Radio City will open at full capacity and attendees will be required […]

Nearly 40% of adults in the United States have now been fully vaccinated, paving the way to a promising future of live events in 2021. And, with the CDC’s recent announcement that these individuals no longer need to wear masks outdoors, venues are adjusting their COVID-19 safety measures to match.  Leading the way is the […]