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If you’re a music artist or a label manager and you plan on growing your YouTube presence, there’s a webinar coming up just for you. The music research and analytics platform Viberate continues its series of free online workshops with expert guests. The upcoming panel will cover YouTube Analytics—namely, using music data to target the […]

Many of us have experienced the immense frustration of attempting to book travel accommodations for a massive music festival. But how much extra are we spending in comparison to those who travel to the same destinations on any given day? A new study from money.co.uk analyzed just how much extra we spend on Airbnb accommodations […]

In a letter to Jack Dorsey, members of Congress are demanding Twitter address the pervasive problem of copyright infringement on its platform. The bipartisan letter, signed by 22 members of Congress, cites an astounding figure as the basis for the correspondence. According to Twitter itself over 1.6 million copyright infringement notices were reportedly received in […]

“It became clear to me in 2019 that we needed to start fighting the opioid crisis on a local level,” said dance music producer Lauren Flax in a recent press release. And fight she has—that year, she founded Last Night a Deejay Saved My Life, a New York City-based collective dedicated to fighting addiction in […]

Thailand’s hospitals are on the “brink of collapse” due to a spread of COVID-19 that reportedly emanated from the country’s nightlife sector. The Independent reports Thailand’s third wave of COVID-19, which began in April, has intensified the country’s response to the virus. Its hospitals are now inundated as the number of cases rises, leading to a crisis […]

For artists participating in the Big Tech-driven streaming economies of Apple Music, Spotify, and beyond, it’s no secret that there’s a vast chasm between the haves and the have nots.  But how large is that gulf really? A new Rolling Stone piece published by Tim Ingham, founder of Music Business Worldwide, sought to answer that […]

In a recent survey conducted by EDM.com, two-thirds of respondents revealed they believe promoters should take action in ensuring that attendees are vaccinated prior to entry. The idea of implementing vaccine passport regulation has been a hotly debated topic in recent weeks. In the United States there is currently no enforcement of such policies at the […]

Just one month ago, Belgium’s iconic Tomorrowland festival was abruptly cancelled due to COVID-19 safety concerns. Now, the country has made major strides in its risk mitigation for similar events with the announcement of its COVID Safe Ticket (CTS) system. Designed specifically for live events with over 1,500 attendees, the CTS is meant to ensure crowds […]

In honor of this year’s Non-Binary Awareness Week, an aggregated database of the industry’s artists and creatives who identify as non-binary has been launched.  The annual event has historically marked an important period for organizing around the issues of non-binary advocacy. This year artists are taking an important collective step towards ensuring equitable representation for […]

A new report exploring the correlation between mental health and the culture of electronic music has been published by Beatport. In collaboration with AFEM, Arigami, Silentmode, and How Mental, Beatport surveyed over 140 artists from around the globe to share their stories in the report, titled “Music Connects Us.” Together, they covered communication and outreach methods, and strategies for […]