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Essential listening for many a 90s raver, the Reactivate compilation series helped chart the development of the nascent techno and trance scenes. The series was the brainchild of React Music’s James Horrocks (the former head of the Rhythm King label) and business partner Thomas Foley – in total, some 18 compilations were released, racking up sales […]

Listen to the release here: David Forbes, a mastermind hailing from Scotland, has made significant contributions to the music scene as a DJ, producer, and owner of a record label over the span of approximately 25 years. Regarded as one of the most esteemed, adaptable, and consistently impressive producers in the UK, Forbes has […]

Listen to the release here: It was the year 2011, A State of Trance 500 world tour and Shogun presenting his track “Skyfire”. The hit was born. Since that day, it has consistently remained one of the most influential tracks in the new-age trance world. Renowned DJ and producer Andrew Chen aka Shogun, a […]

Listen to the release here: Lukas Vane’s journey evolved with the dynamic energy of Amsterdam propelling him from an EDM visionary to a city icon. Within his studio, he meticulously crafted a unique soundscape that defined the pulse of the city. Lukas’s music became synonymous with lively club nights, with each beat weaving its […]

Listen to the release here: Many of you are familiar with her angelic voice, as she has collaborated with numerous outstanding DJs and producers across various genres. She has consistently been praised for her exquisite voice and the energy she brings to live performances. There’s an ongoing discussion about the way she intricately shapes […]

Listen to the release here: How many of you follow DJ/producers whose sound has remained pure and of high quality for over 25 years in the scene? Not many, right? Ralphie B, also known as Midway, Alpha Breed, or First State, stands out as an exception. Ralph Barendse, the Dutch music producer, has maintained […]

Have a listen to one of 2023’s most creative and genre-defying works out there. It’s Friday, everybody! We are all expecting good new music on this day, the one which welcomes the beloved weekend. And while many are currently enjoying the wonders of Orlando over at EDC, we have quite an interesting concept to reveal […]

Listen to the release here: The original track comes from Somna, the highest-positioned Canadian trance and progressive DJ and producer. He is not only a skilled songwriter but also the co-founder of AVA Records, alongside Andy Moor. Somna has earned acclaim within the electronic dance music (EDM) scene for his diverse contributions, showcasing his […]

Listen to the release here: If you keep wondering how one artist consistently delivers so many brilliant products the answer may not always be straightforward. However, one thing we can assure you of is that this exceptionally talented artist never disappoints her followers. The support from industry giants continues to grow as you read […]

Listen to the release here: Alex M.O.R.P.H. is a German DJ and trance music producer known for his emotional and uplifting melodies. His early interest in DJing and music production set the stage for his remarkable career. Since the late 1990s, he has consistently been in the global trance music scene, delivering electrifying performances […]

Listen to the release here: Over a few decades, Johan Gielen, a Belgium born Dutchman, a trance music producer and DJ, has been a significant contributor to the trance and electronic dance music (EDM) scene, known for his vibrant and melodious trance creations and electrifying DJ sets. Throughout his career, he has engaged in […]

Listen to the release here: Trance enthusiasts undoubtedly recognize the name Indecent Noise, a talented Polish producer and engineer. Aleksander Stawierej is renowned for his dynamic sounds and energetic performances while spanning Rave, Acid, Techno, and Trance tunes. Aleksander has garnered the admiration of labels such as Armada, Future Sound of Egypt, Outburst, Damaged, […]

Listen to the release here: For almost a decade, Rinaly, the Japanese electronic artist, has pushed Trance’s boundaries. Beginning with live bands at a young age, she later developed her production skills and mastered various instruments, including piano, drums, and trombone at a conservatory by age 14. Rinaly is a sought-after performer at global […]

ROGER SHAH VIEWS THE MAGIC ISLAND THROUGH A DIFFERENT SEASONAL LENS! Pre-save the release here: ‘A change is as good as a rest’ as they say, and that’s exactly what Roger Shah’s done with the twelfth incarnation of his as-magical-as-ever mixcomp series. For the last decade-plus, his ‘Magic Islands’ have been summer vanguards, heralding […]

Listen to the release here: After successful collaborations with Armada, Anjunabeats, Black Hole Recordings, and FSOE, ZOYA achieved another significant milestone. Now, she proudly adds Markus Schulz Coldharbour Recordings to her impressive portfolio. Moreover, ZOYA’s latest announcement involves her joining TotalVision Talent, an agency headed by Markus, creating a win-win situation. While ZOYA is […]

Listen to the release here: With international recognition for his energetic performances and powerful tracks such as ‘Asylum, The Dark Knight, Oblique, and remix for “Carte Blanche” KhoMha became popular while raging over the festival stages at Tomorrowland, Ultra, Global Gathering, A State Of Trance, and others. His intense, high-energy sounds were quickly acknowledged […]

NEW VERSION PREMIERED AS PART OF THE DUO’S 11.10.23 BALI SUNSET SET PRE-SAVE THE RELEASE HERE: The post-‘MOSAIIK’-album calm is over and there’s a new Cosmic storm on the horizon !! Into the autumn, the GRAMMY-nominated duo return with fresh music, a new run of shows and one unmissable, autumn-blues-banishing livestream! Now if a […]

Listen to the release here: With Juraj and Mikka reuniting as the DJ/producer duo Driftmoon, the trance scene was once again enriched with high-quality uplifting and dreamy trance music. This year represents a renewed and continued journey for Driftmoon. Just a few days ago, the duo launched a new Serum pack featuring essential sounds […]

Listen to the release here: Have you ever come across Manhattan Banking Mag, a Japanese-American music producer? A Los Angeles-born artist, Greg Oakland is one of a kind. Despite excelling in the finance industry, he discovered the music world 15 years ago and quickly recognized his passion for it. Greg immediately felt the urge […]

Listen to the release here: In the realm of the New York club scene, his name is impossible to overlook: Sam Allan. A prime illustration of a DJ reveling in the joy of entertaining packed clubs and engaging with his fans. With Sam Allan’s announcement at the outset of 2023 that this year would […]