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Chicago city councilor calls for two 24-hour clubs solely dedicated to house music

Written by on June 3, 2021

House music was born in Chicago‘s underground club culture back in the late 1970s. Going on to shape electronic dance music for the next fifty years, one high ranking city official is now calling for a perpetual celebration of the city’s musical roots. Chicago city councilor Carlos Ramirez-Rosa has made the suggestion that the city host two 24-hour clubs dedicated to house music.

Sharing his thoughts on the matter to Twitter, Ramirez-Rosa has laid out how he thinks the clubs should happen. Tapping in to international markets, as many tourists visit Chicago hoping to spend the night dancing to house, Ramirez-Rosa suggests that licensees be required to support Chicago’s cultural heritage of house music.

Currently, clubs in Chicago typically close at 2 a.m., with some having the ability to remain open until 4 a.m. Ramirez-Rosa’s suggestion would allow clubs to operate for 24-hours, while educating club-goers on the origins of house music, and those who created it.

Featured image: Charles Cushman

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