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EDM.com Presents Synth Sisters, Vol. 11

Written by on May 24, 2021

There is so much talent within the electronic music community that it’s difficult to keep a finger on its pulse. To assist you on your music discovery journey, EDM.com’s monthly “Synth Sisters” series illuminates new releases from brilliant women producers of all genres and sizes with the hope of celebrating their contributions.

“Stark” – A Hundred Drums

A Hundred Drums independently unveiled her deep dubstep tune “Stark,” where dark, haunting intros meet assorted bass frequencies in an ominous crusade.

“Imaginary” – sesamii & Reya Lun

sesamii enrolled singer Reya Lun for their latest single, “Imaginary.” Coupled with an acoustic spin, Lun’s bold vocals complement sesamii’s melodic bass structure.

“Blood Moon” – VAMPA

VAMPA admires the “Blood Moon” in her latest single on GRVDNCR. Accompanied with a dub mix, the vampiress unleashes a ferocious attack on subwoofers everywhere through heart-staking basslines.

“New Earth” – Alfiya Glow

Violins and biomusic roam the “New Earth” in Alfiya Glow’s charming house package. “New Earth” is paired with an extended mix and two edits from Passenger 10.

“Does It Matter If You Do?” – Kilamanzego

Kilamanzego demonstrates her internal conflict of love and torture in her Stereofox Records debut, “Does It Matter If You Do?” The single presents a more tranquil offering from the Ghanaian producer, a testament to her diverse sonic capabilities.

“Complicated” – Blossom & Bella Renee

For her return to Night Bass Records, Blossom recruited vocalist Bella Renee for the lead song off her two-track EP, Super Bad. Combining forces, the two emerge with a fiery bass house anthem made for the dance floor.

“Handshakes” – Naliya

Singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Naliya impressed with her first single of the year, “Handshakes.” Previously producing for artists such as Adam Levine, Jason Derulo, and Tate McRae, the Los Angeles talent went solo and dropped a dreamy inaugural release with Immersive/Sandlot/Interscope Records.

“MERITAGE” – Austeria

Cinematic ambiences ascend into gritty, sinister atmospheres in Austeria’s “MERITAGE.” Throughout the nearly five-minute dubstep entrancement, wicked vocals mercilessly lure trespassers closer via siren song.


XIE celebrated her Chinese-American heritage during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month on Casablanca Records with “MIAMI.” Serving as an infectious house anthem, the single pays tribute to the free-spirited energy of Miami.

“Terror Of The Depths” – Kerys

Kerys came home to Nova Lotus to explore the “Terror Of The Depths.” Submerged within the deep unknown, aquanauts battle a monstrous sea beast with thunderous bass ammunitions.