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#MyRecordBag – Arkley’s all-time rave classics

Written by on June 23, 2023

Since bursting onto the scene a couple of years back, Arkley has developed a reputation for channelling the spirit of 90s house and rave on his productions – including tracks like Back 2 Love, Rave ’92 (Everybody Dancing) and Music (Over & Over).

Check out our recent interview with him here.

The Scottish DJ and producer has just unveiled a new EP, Extraverted, on Spirit of Rave Records, which as with much of his other work, features a nod to timeless classics – there’s a dash of Groove Committee on lead track If You Ever Need Love, Serious is awash with classic synths, When Life Gets Hard is reminiscent of Black Box… and there’s also a cover of 2 In A Room’s hip house classic Wiggle It (Acid Grooves).

The Extraverted EP can be downloaded/streamed here.

As part of our #MyRecordBag series, we asked Arkley to name his ten all-time favourite rave classics. Over to you, Arkley! 🙂

The KLF – 3am Eternal

YouTube Video

“Probably my favourite artist of all time. I love their attitude, mad ideas, publicity stunts and self-mythologising – but, above all, their big tracks are incredible.”

Orbital – Chime

YouTube Video

“There’s a beautiful simplicity about this track that just never gets old. Apparently recorded in the Hartnoll brothers’ family home understairs cupboard. Magic.”

The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix)

YouTube Video

“I absolutely love the rugged energy on The Prodigy’s early records. Producer chin-stroking is out the window in favour of spontaneity, adrenaline and vibes. I always try to keep that attitude in mind.”

Inner City – Good Life

YouTube Video

“It’s the synth stabs and rhythm track combined with the melodic vocals that gets me on this one. A big influence on my new track ‘If You Ever Need Love’.”

Liquid – Sweet Harmony

YouTube Video

“Such an anthem. Those piano chords and soaring vocals are such a perfect encapsulation of 90s rave idealism.”

Strike – U Sure Do

YouTube Video

“I have the 12″ on the wall in my studio and it’s a constant inspiration, especially on my new tune ‘When Life Gets Hard’. The Denham Audio rework is awesome too.”

Awesome 3 – Don’t Go

YouTube Video

“Another early XL release, this captures a similar energy to early Prodigy. I love the switch ups between the synth rift sections and the piano and vocal sections.”

Xpansions – Move Your Body

YouTube Video

“This is such a simple yet hypnotic record, with one of the best synth chord riffs ever.”

Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix)

YouTube Video

“This record sounds so rough and ready, but the groove is undeniable. Again, the switches between the analog synth bass sections and uplifting vocal and piano stab sections are awesome.”

Black Box – Ride On Time

YouTube Video

“I’m always drawn to big vocal records, especially those that have an energetic, euphoric vibe. Surely there can be no better example of this than ‘Ride On Time’ – unbeatable. I love slipping clips of this track into my DJ sets.”

Thanks Arkley for your contribution! If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, Arkley has compiled a playlist of his favourite rave, acid house and 90s dance tunes on Spotify, which can be found below.

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