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New Daft Punk Book Contains Excerpts From Unpublished Interviews

Written by on June 4, 2021

Though 2021 marked the end of Daft Punk’s illustrious career, the legendary duo remain a prevalently influential force in the contemporary music scene. Journalist Ben Cardew looks to explore their seminal album Discovery in his upcoming book, Daft Punk’s Discovery: The Future Unfurled

Cardew has provided a preview of what information the book may hold. According to RA it features roughly 25 interviews, including excerpts from previously unheard interviews with the iconic robots. The book reportedly also contains discussions with producers who worked with Daft Punk, teachers and journalists who have interviewed them, and other artists who were inspired by them. 

Cover of "Daft Punk’s Discovery: The Future Unfurled."

Cover of “Daft Punk’s Discovery: The Future Unfurled.”

Velocity Press

Although Homework serves as Daft Punk’s debut studio album—with influential hits such as “Around The World” and “Alive”—Discovery is widely considered to be their breakthrough. The aftermath of its release saw the tandem transcend from hit-making producers into subversive, boundary-shattering artists. 

Daft Punk’s Discovery: The Future Unfurled is available for preorder as an e-book or paperback copy, with the first units shipping out in August. The book will become available to the public September. You can preorder a copy here.