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Podcast 810: Zaumne

Written by on July 24, 2023

Zaumne, born Mateusz Olszewski, is a Polish sound artist who has been into cassettes since he was in kindergarten and started making music on his computer in high school. Today, he fuses elements of ambient, dub, field recordings, and carefully processed spoken word extracts as a study of human emotion. Earlier this month, he debuted on Manchester label sferic with Parfum, an exercise in escapism and sensual wandering that you can file next to the work of HTRK and his new label-mates Jake Muir and Space Afrika. Recorded in support of the album, Olszewski’s XLR8R podcast has the same acute emotional pullexpect precisely one hour of hazy ambient visions, muffled lo-fi beats, and soothing textures that’s an enthralling late-night listen.

01. What have you been up to recently?
Gathering inspiration for mixes, conceptualizing new projects, and enjoying my late night snacks: frozen cherries from my grandmas garden. Revisiting Apichatpong Weerasethakuls work has also been a treat.

02. What have you been listening to?
Lately, mostly music from my girlfriends playlists!

03. You’ve got a new album out through sferic. What can you tell us about it?
My main focus with Parfum was fantasy and its elusive nature. Im thinking about the album as an exercise in escapism and wandering. Im happy to have it released on sferic. I couldnt have asked for a better place! Im also very thankful to YL Hooi, Metoronori, and Patrick Shiroishi for their contributions.

03. When and where did you record this mix?
In my apartment in Pozna?, Poland at sundown.

04. What setup did you use?
Laptop with two controllers.

05. How did you choose the tracks that you’ve included?
I wanted them to sound lush with occasional grit. I was also influenced by a fragment of John Bergers Ways of Seeing episode about how fantasy is constructed and I wanted to keep it as a theme throughout the mix.

06. What can the listener expect?
An excellent lying in bed or walking companion. Genre-wise, its mainly ambient pop with elements of trip-hop and dub.

07. What’s next on your horizon?
Playing some concerts with the new material and finally working on the next album!

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01. Deux Filles “Lets Get Closer” (Glass Modern)
02. Ksi??yc “Dychana” (OBUH)
03. Sonoko Aori Tori (Dai Go Maku) (STROOM)
04. Pablos Eye “The City Orange” (swim~)
05. Voice Actor “Offending The Audience” (STROOM)
06. Jabu “Side B” (do you have peace?)
07. Dangerous Electric Kiss “Cleanopolis” (Angelic House Mix) (Newsic)
08. Hysterical Love Project “Lashes” (Motion Ward)
09. crimeboys deja entendu (dub) (3 X L)
10. buttechno & Tri “in your head” (psyx)
11. oqbqbo “night perfume” (Posh Isolation)
12. James K “Everyrose” (AD 93)
13. Hydroplane The Love You Bring (A Colourful Storm)
14. Teresa Winter “Heathens Gate” (The Death of Rave)
15. Akira Yamaoka “Maternal Heart” (Konami)
16. HTRK Real Life / The Duet (Self Released)
17. Romance “Some Enchanted Evening” (ECSTATIC)
18. LA Timpa “It Smiles Without My Lie” (O___o?)
19. usof “Goodbye Forever” (Unreleased)

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