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Your EDM Premiere: Rene LaVice’s New Single With Ayah Marar Promises the ‘Good Life’ [Device]

Written by on May 27, 2021

If one wanted to define “summer feel-good anthem” as literally as possible, Rene LaVice’s newest single off his rapidly growing Device imprint with vocalist Ayah Marar would have to be it. Fun, soulful and just the right amount of pop, “Good Life” is definitely looking forward to raves being back on the schedule and in full swing.

There’s an introspective vein to this track as well, thanks to Marar’s lyrics. In the last decade, Ayah Marar has become known for her vocals, working with big names like Calvin Harris, Camo & Krooked and DJ Fresh, among others. Her vocals have a great balance of pop cachet, soulful timbre and thoughtful verse and add dimension to any track she contributes to. With “Good Life,” Marar and LaVice examine what’s really important in life, which is something almost anyone can relate to after 2020. And what is important, according to Marar’s lyrics? Living a life of joy without fear of judgement.

As the tone of “Good Life” is certainly joyful with classic rave piano harmonies and a fun but complex synth that carries the melody when Marar isn’t singing, the lyric encourage listeners to really let go and enjoy the ride. There’s also a signal of hope: thoughts and life may not always be sunny but if we can remember it’s temporary and continue forward while enjoying the present, the “good life” is still worth living.

Structure-and-style-wise, some might call “Good Life” a crossover piece but it’s set and syncopated more like a classic D&B bop, with the snares ruling the landscape and driving the track, even in the face of such a catchy melody. It’s a crossover track with it’s footing still planted solidly in drum & bass in a way few other than RLV can pull off.

Artists have really been the cornerstone of keeping up morale since COVID swept the planet, and we genuinely should thank them  for all the help and love. When a track like “Good Life” comes out as the clouds are finally parting, the call to enjoy life, remember what’s important and rave tf on is one way we can express that thanks. Support your artists and promoters this summer in every way possible and keep living that “Good Life.”

“Good Life” drops on Device tomorrow, May 28. Pre-order/pre-save here.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Rene LaVice’s New Single With Ayah Marar Promises the ‘Good Life’ [Device]

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