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  • Back To Life: Phenomenal Handclap Band January 11, 2021
    Daniel Collas returned to his home-base to start something new. Instead he found the re-animating spark that brought Phenomenal Handclap Band back to life.
  • Neural Mix is a Swiss army knife for sampling January 11, 2021
    Neural Mix, a modest app from Algoriddim, uses AI to isolate sounds and simplify one of the most tedious tasks of music producers and DJs looking for effects from sampling.
  • The Politik: making soul music for an alternative universe January 8, 2021
    Going back to 2007 with Mark de Clive-Lowe on the The Politik - one of the best cult albums of the '00s - and his one-off collaboration with Bembe Segue, with appearances from Daz-I-Kue, Waajeed and more.
  • Ride the Vibe: More Garage Cuts from Herb Rhythm January 8, 2021
    Dope tracks from Herb Rhythm memorialize the Don't Go EP, coming soon on vinyl from Marc Cotterrel's Rhythm Vibe.
  • Beatchild returns to BBE with 12 year retrospective "Nostalgia" January 5, 2021
    Beatchild announces a new album covering his favorite and unreleased tracks from 2008 to 2020 on BBE Music.
  • Save Yourself January 5, 2021
    Nobody is coming to save our scene, especially not the ticket brokers who launched the hashtag.
  • The Unapologetic African Sounds of Shamrock Guitor January 4, 2021
    "We are planning to promote African sounds to the world and encourage the youth to listen and produce African sounds. Because if we don't do that the music will die." Kayibiza LOunge talks to Shamrock Guitor, South African guitarist and producer and founder of the new label Gotto Records.
  • Vocoderism: Garrett David remixes Robot Voice by SHFFT January 4, 2021
    An all-Chicago love affair with Queen's Garrett David remixing the music of SHFFT, aka Matt Wyser of Redux DJs and Shmoo. That right there is basically 3 of the best people working on the scene in Chicago right now, all doing what they do best.
  • DJ Sama' Abdulhadi released on bail by Palestinian Authority January 4, 2021
    Palestine DJ pioneer Sama' Abdulhadi is released and more details emerge about the event, which was allegedly being shot for Beatport and caused a scandal in the Palestinian Authority government.
  • The Inside Story of As You Like It December 30, 2020
    AYLI is 2020's best new record label. But it's more than that. Their history is ours. It's a monument to and reminder of everything we cherish about the scene - music, love, family, perseverance. Lauren Krieger talks to the people behind the iconic Bay Area residency on the history, tragedy & journey of As You […]