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Solardo The Spot 180 Solardo The Spot 180 https://mixing.dj?action=embed_zoomsounds&type=player&margs=eyJjb25maWciOiJtaXhpbmctcGxheWVyIiwic291cmNlIjoiaHR0cHM6XC9cL2F1ZGlvLnRoaXNpc2Rpc3RvcnRlZC5jb21cL3JlcG9zaXRvcnlcL2F1ZGlvXC9lcGlzb2Rlc1wvdGhlX3Nwb3Rfd2hlYXRzLTE2MjMzMzczMzEzNzQ4Mzc2MDQtTXpJM01USXROekl3TXpVME56Zz0ubXAzIiwiYXJ0aXN0bmFtZSI6IlNvbGFyZG8iLCJzb25nbmFtZSI6IiBUaGUgU3BvdCAxODAifQ%3D%3D Solardo – The Spot 180 – 11-06-2021

Bobina Russia Goes Clubbing 660 BobinaRussia Goes Clubbing 660 https://mixing.dj?action=embed_zoomsounds&type=player&margs=eyJjb25maWciOiJtaXhpbmctcGxheWVyIiwic291cmNlIjoiaHR0cHM6XC9cL2ZlZWRzLnNvdW5kY2xvdWQuY29tXC9zdHJlYW1cLzEwNjYwMjQ4NjEtcnVzc2lhZ29lc2NsdWJiaW5nLWVwaXNvZGUtNjYwLm1wMyIsImFydGlzdG5hbWUiOiJCb2JpbmEiLCJzb25nbmFtZSI6IlJ1c3NpYSBHb2VzIENsdWJiaW5nIDY2MCJ9 Bobina – Russia Goes Clubbing 660 – 10-06-2021

Markus Schulz Global DJ Broadcast, GDJB (with SMR LVE) Markus SchulzGlobal DJ Broadcast, GDJB (with SMR LVE) https://mixing.dj?action=embed_zoomsounds&type=player&margs=eyJjb25maWciOiJtaXhpbmctcGxheWVyIiwic291cmNlIjoiaHR0cHM6XC9cL21jZG4ucG9kYmVhbi5jb21cL21mXC9kb3dubG9hZFwvYW91YjdqXC9HREpCX0p1bl8xMF8yMDIxX01hcmt1c19TY2h1bHpfYW5kX1NNUl9MVkUubXAzIiwiYXJ0aXN0bmFtZSI6Ik1hcmt1cyBTY2h1bHoiLCJzb25nbmFtZSI6Ikdsb2JhbCBESiBCcm9hZGNhc3QsIEdESkIgKHdpdGggU01SIExWRSkifQ%3D%3D

Idle hands are the devil’s tools and Cinthie has been working, and so has Shall Not Fade. The label is now approaching its 60th release with a nearly weekly barrage of deep house from some of Europe’s best and most underrated producers. Release #60 comes from Cinthie herself. Big chords and a bigger vibe on […]

Anja Schneider Club Room 163 Anja SchneiderClub Room 163 https://mixing.dj?action=embed_zoomsounds&type=player&margs=eyJjb25maWciOiJtaXhpbmctcGxheWVyIiwic291cmNlIjoiaHR0cHM6XC9cL2ZlZWRzLnNvdW5kY2xvdWQuY29tXC9zdHJlYW1cLzEwNjE4NTAzNTItYW5qYXNjaG5laWRlci1jbHViLXJvb20tMTYzLXdpdGgtYW5qYS1zY2huZWlkZXIubXAzIiwiYXJ0aXN0bmFtZSI6IkFuamEgU2NobmVpZGVyIiwic29uZ25hbWUiOiJDbHViIFJvb20gMTYzICJ9 Anja Schneider – Club Room 163 – 10-06-2021

Laidback Luke Mixmash Radio 318 Laidback LukeMixmash Radio 318 https://mixing.dj?action=embed_zoomsounds&type=player&margs=eyJjb25maWciOiJtaXhpbmctcGxheWVyIiwic291cmNlIjoiaHR0cDpcL1wvd3d3LnBvZHRyYWMuY29tXC9wdHNcL3JlZGlyZWN0Lm1wM1wvZmVlZHMuc291bmRjbG91ZC5jb21cL3N0cmVhbVwvMTA2NTY4NTQ4OS1taXhtYXNocmFkaW8tbGFpZGJhY2stbHVrZS1wcmVzZW50cy1kYXZlLXN1bW1pdC1ndWVzdG1peC1taXhtYXNoLXJhZGlvLTMxOC5tcDMiLCJhcnRpc3RuYW1lIjoiTGFpZGJhY2sgTHVrZSIsInNvbmduYW1lIjoiTWl4bWFzaCBSYWRpbyAzMTgifQ%3D%3D Laidback Luke – Mixmash Radio 318 – 10-06-2021

Mazare has finally unveiled the full force of his debut EP Paracosm. Calling on an extensive feature list including the likes of CloudNone, Bloodhounds, Keepsake, Saint Agnes, and more, Mazare blurs the line between rock and electronic in impressive fashion. Drawing on multiple subgenres from bass to trap to DnB, Mazare’s Paracosm is available on […]

Kutski Keeping The Rave Alive 480: GPF! KutskiKeeping The Rave Alive 480: GPF! https://mixing.dj?action=embed_zoomsounds&type=player&margs=eyJjb25maWciOiJtaXhpbmctcGxheWVyIiwic291cmNlIjoiaHR0cHM6XC9cL2ZlZWRwcm94eS5nb29nbGUuY29tXC9%2BclwvS2VlcGluZ1RoZVJhdmVBbGl2ZVwvfjVcL0pIaWpaY2ZQWWNzXC9rZWVwaW5ndGhlcmF2ZWFsaXZlNDgwLm1wMyIsImFydGlzdG5hbWUiOiJLdXRza2kiLCJzb25nbmFtZSI6IktlZXBpbmcgVGhlIFJhdmUgQWxpdmUgNDgwOiBHUEYhIn0%3D Kutski – Keeping The Rave Alive 480 with GPF! – 11-06-2021

Gareth Emery‘s guest list is officially closed. The dance music vet has taken to social media to blast those who requested free tickets to his new tour as music venues scramble to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of COVID-19. In an acerbic tweet shared today, Emery urged music fans to support their local […]

Alesso has returned with his much anticipated PROGRESSO VOL 2, out now via 10:22 PM / Astralwerks. This new release is the second installment in a series that began in 2019 with PROGRESSO VOL 1. “TOGETHER” and “AGAIN” are ripe, euphoric floor-fillers, highlighting Alesso’s mastery and versatility as the PROGRESSO run continues. The two-track offering also […]

Eric Prydz is teasing new music, yet another sure sign he’s taking over in 2021. The producer recently shared a 45-second snippet of an upbeat, soulful cut he’s currently working on — “All Night” by his alias Tonja Holma fka “Baby All Night” by Pryda. The caption reads, “Getting things done… #2021” as he previews a potential follow […]

Gai Barone Patterns 444 Gai BaronePatterns 444 https://mixing.dj?action=embed_zoomsounds&type=player&margs=eyJjb25maWciOiJtaXhpbmctcGxheWVyIiwic291cmNlIjoiaHR0cHM6XC9cL2ZlZWRzLnNvdW5kY2xvdWQuY29tXC9zdHJlYW1cLzEwNjU1MTEwMTUtZ2FpLWJhcm9uZS1wYXR0ZXJucy00NDQubXAzIiwiYXJ0aXN0bmFtZSI6IkdhaSBCYXJvbmUiLCJzb25nbmFtZSI6IlBhdHRlcm5zIDQ0NCJ9 Gai Barone – Patterns 444 – 10-06-2021

Sander van Doorn and Armin van Buuren, two illustrious electronic music vets, have joined forces for their first-ever original collaboration. Premiered exclusively today by EDM.com, “Jonson’s Play” is a juggernaut of a trance track that rumbles with the explosive sound design of the Dutch dance titans. It features layers of gritty bass, which churn along through atmospheric soundscapes […]

Shows are beginning to open up all over the country now and we couldn’t be more excited to get out and experience the electrifying culture of live shows. In a match made in music heaven, celebrated electronic producer Kweku Saunderson joined forces with acclaimed rapper Dai Burger for “I Miss The Club” a fun, zeitgeist-defining […]

Joachim Garraud Zemixx 814, Rush Joachim GarraudZemixx 814, Rush https://mixing.dj?action=embed_zoomsounds&type=player&margs=eyJjb25maWciOiJtaXhpbmctcGxheWVyIiwic291cmNlIjoiaHR0cDpcL1wvd3d3LmpnbWVkaWFzLmNvbVwvemVtaXh4XC9mclwvWmVtaXh4ODE0Lm00YSIsImFydGlzdG5hbWUiOiJKb2FjaGltIEdhcnJhdWQiLCJzb25nbmFtZSI6IlplbWl4eCA4MTQsIFJ1c2gifQ%3D%3D Joachim Garraud – Zemixx 814, Rush – 12-06-2021

Dannic Fonk Radio 248 DannicFonk Radio 248 https://mixing.dj?action=embed_zoomsounds&type=player&margs=eyJjb25maWciOiJtaXhpbmctcGxheWVyIiwic291cmNlIjoiaHR0cHM6XC9cL2F1ZGlvLnRoaXNpc2Rpc3RvcnRlZC5jb21cL3JlcG9zaXRvcnlcL2F1ZGlvXC9lcGlzb2Rlc1wvRm9ua19SYWRpb18yNDhfMTkyLTE2MjMzMTY5NjcwODY2OTQwNjctTXpJM01Ea3RPRFl5T1RjNU16QT0ubXAzIiwiYXJ0aXN0bmFtZSI6IkRhbm5pYyIsInNvbmduYW1lIjoiRm9uayBSYWRpbyAyNDgifQ%3D%3D Dannic – Fonk Radio 248 – 10-06-2021

FuntCase, known the world over for his aggressive and chest breaking dubstep, is back on Circus Records today with a unique melodic offering, “Flames,” featuring Dia Frampton. Frampton has previously collaborated with Illenium and The Crystal Method, she has co-written and featured on singles for some of the most respected musicians in the industry – […]

Acclaimed producer DVRKO is back with his new single “I Want More” feat. talented, in-demand vocalist and songwriter RUNN. Out now on the LA based L3V3L Music imprint, “I Want More” has all the elements of a vintage DVRKO track: a driving bassline, house-centric cut, and an ethereal, addictive topline that all combine for great […]

Fans of Skrillex are geeking out after the dubstep legend leaked a new song on Reddit. Fans were able to listen to “Supersonic (My Existence)” before it officially appeared on streaming platforms thanks to a serendipitous leak by Skrillex himself on the popular r/skrillex subreddit. Prior to its unveiling, the track—a collab with josh pan, […]

by: Austria Masim Jun 10, 2021 Welcome back, Skrillex. After more than a year’s waiting time, Skrillex has finally green lit his highly anticipated tie-up with Noisia, josh pan, and Dylan Brady, “Supersonic (My Existence).” Initially derived out of josh pan and Dylan Brady’s 2019 OWSLA released LP This Car Needs Some Wheels, the release—which […]