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by: Ariel King Aug 3, 2021 KILL SCRIPT is once again returning to California-based label NIGHTMODE for his new EP, VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT. Featuring two intoxicating tech cuts, “Genome Dial” and “Degrade Reflection,” KILL SCRIPT brings listeners into a darker space that makes apropos meaning of the EP’s name. “Genome Dial” features a hard-hitting bass line […]

SOFI TUKKER’s single “Drinkee” took the world by storm back in 2016. With its Portuguese lyrics and tropical feel, the song was featured on an Apple Watch advertisement and nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording, emerging as one of the most popular songs in the duo’s discography. Now, “Drinkee” has been thrust back into […]

Italian Grammy-winning dance music producer Benny Benassi has joined forces with iconic Chicago DJs Felix da Housecat and Steve “Miggedy” Maestro for a nostalgic single called “Berlin Sanfrandisco.” The group dubbed the collab “chitalo-house,” a mashup of their own styles from the club scenes of Chicago and Italy. Released on Ultra Music, the tune blends the […]

This is some trip. Drakkar Noir and Heidi Sabertooth split halves of a cassette tape on The Sleep of Reason, inspired by Goya’s terrifying vision of human society tormented by the outcome of ignorance. Drakkar Noir starts this with an atomic blast: “Free Delight,” a track of nocturnal electro punched up with a shimmering acid […]