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German composer Ben Böhmer has released an ethereal new single on Ninja Tune. “One Last Call,” featuring Felix Raphael and co-written by Oh Wonder, is Böhmer’s first solo output since 2021’s Begin Again, an emotional album written entirely during a period where Böhmer and his fiancé found themselves separated on other sides of the world […]

Ryan Crosson has released a new album as Ryan Crosson and The Ridgewood Vanguard on London label FRNTR. We Can Only Ever Be How We Are sees Crosson continuing to explore and push boundaries through his experimental musical output. Across 10 tracks, he brings together an array of friends including Ryan Cavanagh, Violeta Vicci, Emil […]

Have a listen to a powerhouse of an EP we recently came across. Among the tastiest genres out there, a strong contender for the winner of the category is House. House in all of its forms, Deep House, Tech House… the list goes on. House has evolved over decades to present an uncountable number of […]

Varhat will release a new EP on Up The Stuss. Varhat, real name Vincent Lubelli, is the creative mind behind an endless list of aliases, plus multiple Unknown Artist projects and mysterious labels via Paris’ Yoyaku. This is his first release on Chris Stussy’s Up The Stuss imprint, delivering “an eclectic selection of house cuts […]

Extremely popular RESISTANCE Miami continues Season 1 of its celebrated U.S. club residency at M2, unveiling four weeks of winter programming from Miami Art Week through January. RESISTANCE Miami, which launched two successful runs over Miami Music Week and Race Week, has already showcased some of the world’s most in-demand House and Techno maestros including Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Charlotte de […]

Nihiloxica, the dark electro-percussion group formed between Kampala’s Nyege Nyege Festival and the Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, has recorded a new live set from a performance at Womad Festival. In 2016, English producers Peter Jones (a.k.a pq) and Jacob Maskell-Key (a.k.a Spooky-J) travelled to Kampala to write, rehearse, and record a set of live recordings with […]

Toada, the Portuguese producer born Valdir da Silva, will release a “contemplative and immersive slow-paced” EP. Slow​-​Paced Tangents comprises six lush and organic tracks and showcases Toada’s “musical prowess” through heartwarming synth sounds and simultaneously groovy transient drums. While the release incorporates contemporary music production aesthetics, its genesis is rooted in the sonic landscapes of […]

Dainjazone is in the midst of unveiling his much-anticipated Evolution In Progress Vol. 2 release. Following the release of its lead single ‘Power’, he now graces us with the accompanying music video. He has had quite the journey as the touring DJ for the multi-platinum-selling group LMFAO. With his reputation for igniting parties and commanding […]

Chicago house music pioneer Harry Dennis and London’s deep house virtuoso Julian “JuJu” Garnett have teamed up once again to create a new deep house masterpiece – “Infinitely,” set to be released on JuJu Muzik. Following their initial critically acclaimed release “Press Reset,” this partnership has spanned continents and reshaped the contemporary house music landscape […]

The techno of Detroit DJ-producer DJ 3000 (born Franki Juncaj) can be distinguished by its heavy sampling and instrumentation drawing from his Albanian heritage. A longtime Underground Resistance associate, he was raised in Hamtramck, Michigan, a city within the Detroit borders that is heavily populated by immigrants from Southeastern Europe and the Middle East. He […]

Italian DJ-producer Fabio Monesi has quickly carved out a solid reputation through a unique, rough and ready sound that lands somewhere between vintage, dusty Chicago house and analog-driven hardware techno. You can hear this across Piano Vandals, his latest album, which is available on Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. label. The majority of his earlier work has […]

Since he began spinning minimal techno records at friends’ parties in 2014, Italian producer D:fferent Place has never looked back. Shirking away from the limelight, he’s instead released a stream of quality EPs on the label of the same name. Last year, he released “Shades of Time,” five-and-a-half minutes of feel-good melodies and chunky low-slung […]

Mr. G, aka Colin McBean, has announced the release of a new EP alongside longtime friend and collaborator Duncan Forbes, entitled Time To Dip. The pair first worked together on Forbes’ Animated project back in the early 2000s, and have since collaborated on labels such as Phoenix G and 49North, including the All Under One […]

Actress album, real name Darren Cunningham, will release his ninth album in November. LXXXVIII, incoming on Ninja Tune, is partly inspired by game theory, a mathematical framework studying strategic decision-making. This deep strategic thinking, which is more readily associated with economics and chess than artistic practice, affected the British artist’s material interactions in his studio. […]

Jaymie Silk doesn’t make straight up-and-down techno or house music. The Paris artist draws from a range of influences informed by his Afro-European heritage and his teenage years in rap, firstly as an MC but then as a beat-maker—before he moved to Montreal, Canada in 2013. While there, he became tired by the lack of […]

Pablo Arrangoiz, who releases music as Bauzer Vep, Señor Faxwater, Glue Boy, Goiz, and more, will release a new EP as El Gusano. Saka La Bolsita will be the inaugural release of Impacto, the new label launched by Miami producers Nick León and Jonny From Space. Sonically, we can expect a “sonic conglomeration” of acid […]

BUNT., the German producer, has recently unveiled a highly-anticipated collaboration with the talented singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding. This exciting news has sent waves of anticipation and excitement throughout the music industry and among fans worldwide. A Perfect Match of Musical Brilliance When two creative mega stars like BUNT. and Ellie Goulding come together, the result is […]

“Enamoreme,” the latest electrifying collaboration between the exceptional Heidi Vogel and the dynamic production duo Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel, stands as a testament to their evolution in style and creativity. Transitioning into a higher gear, they propel their sound forward while maintaining their signature organic musicality, all while embracing a faster tempo of 127bpm. […]

In a time when Electronic Dance Music has become a cultural phenomenon, two pioneering entities, SIZE Records and Tomorrowland Music Records, unite. The two have masterfully converged to celebrate both a shared history and an exciting future. Today, we witness the simultaneous release of a groundbreaking collaborative project that stands as a testament to the […]

Produced alongside MK an artist Joel Corry credits as one of his biggest inspirations Drinkin’ with Rita Ora follows the UK Top 10 success of0800 HEAVENalongside Nathan Dawe & Ella Henderson, as well as Joels recent dancefloor excursions with Billen Ted (‘Do U Want Me Baby?’ft. Elphi), Caity Baser (Dance Around It) and […]