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Festival Brands Prank Fans for Spanish Fools Day

Written by on December 28, 2023

Get ready for yet another day of pranks, coming to you this time from the Spanish speakers.

April Fools!“, is what we’d say if the date was April 1st. But, why do we care about it today, a day in December, so far away from that particular day? Well, in the Spanish-speaking countries of the Latin America region, this tradition is held on a completely different date: December 28th. And that day, mind you, happens to be today.

The origins of what they call the “Día de los Inocentes” (Innocents’ Day) are quite dark, though. Two stories are often the ones credited as true: the religious version recalls a passage of the Bible in which Herod the Great, king of Judea, once acknowledging the birth of Jesus Christ, ordered to kill all infants under two years of age, fearing the so-called “Messiah” would become more powerful than him. That event is known as the Massacre Of The Innocents. The other version is rooted in Ancient Rome, a society that celebrated Saturnalia, days of parties during which slaves were “allowed” to prank their masters without consequences.

But… why do we care about all of this in an EDM-tinted news site? Well…

Tomorrowland Mexico?

Earlier today, a picture started circulating across Hispanic blogs, with what seemed to be the announcement flyer for a 2024 Tomorrowland Mexico gathering. The flyer was circulated by EMPO, an EDM events production company based in Mexico. A first for the country, it’s safe to say the Mexican EDM scene was jumping around in joy, only to remember that it’s Dia de los Inocentes. The picture built so much momentum, though, you might find it around, still passed as true information.

The dates were supposed to be September 13th through 15th next year, and the festival’s theme, ‘The Reflection Of Love’.

Have a look at the — unfortunate — reaction of those who fell for the fake announcement:

“So early in the morning and they’re already playing with our feelings”
“December 28th”
“I cried of joy, bring me back my tears”

elrow Netflix Documentary Seeking 1000 Extras for All-Expenses Paid Party Tour

Elrow always takes this “holiday” to the next level. Last year they teased an elrow Cruise for this day and this year they took it to a new level. They teased a Netflix documentary and asked for 1000 fans who want to be “extras” in the documentary. As part of the role, 1000 fans would get all expenses paid travel and access to elrow events in a Chilean Desert, South African Waterfalls, and the Colosseum in Rome. Imagine how amazing, and expensive, that would be! Sadly, it’s just a prank.

Other Memorable Pranks

Just like on April Fools, an endless number of influencers, artists and even brands come together on this date to trick the Latino community on social media. New menu items are announced, the news is passed around that a certain band is either retiring or changing their aim to another genre, monuments are built/destroyed, and so on. You get the idea.

So, in conclusion, keep your eyes specially peeled today, as you might come across one or two surprises. Don’t be the fooled one this time!

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